About the Club

The California Club, established in 1887, embraces over 100 years of rich tradition.

Today, The California Club enjoys the reputation of being one of the finest Clubs in the World. This excellent reputation starts with the Members of the Club - outstanding men and women from all walks of life.
Generations of Members, the leaders in business, industry, government and the professions have gathered at The California Club. The Clubhouse is located in a landmark structure in the heart of downtown Los Angeles and is the perfect setting for many of California's most important social and cultural occasions.The timeless design of the classical Clubhouse, created by noted architect Robert Farquhar, is meticulously maintained.The fine antiques, handcrafted furniture and rich imported fabrics bespeak the substance, grace and elegance of the Clubhouse.
The Club is constantly recognized for its gourmet dining experience. The skilled food service staff is headed by one of the top Chefs in the Country and the Club's extensive Wine Cellar is widely admired by enthusiasts.

The Club's success has not been static - it has been a case of excellence maintained and enhanced through adaptability while continuing to uphold the high standards of the Club's original charter.